Espionage Timeline:

The purpose of this project is to provide students and teachers with a grounding in the intelligence history that shaped Canada into the Cold War and beyond. This timeline is a selected example to provide viewers with a sense of the key events that have led us to this point in history. We encourage users to do further research about Canada, to promote more extensive discussion about its past, and to apply those lessons to the future. 

We hope that this chronology will help viewers think a little differently about the country that is now Canada—to look at old events in a new light and to understand the historical context of Canada's more recent past as well as its future.


Our interactive timeline offers you, the ability to travel through the history of espionage, from the War of 1812 to the present, and to learn about its diverse effects on the country.


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The icons on the timeline represent the four categories. Roll the mouse over an icon to read about important events occurring at that time.