A collection of websites to further your investigations into Canada's “secret” past, including archives, museums, and agencies that use intelligence.

 Historical Archives
  Archives Canada
  Archives Canada (C.W. Jeffreys and George A. Reid Art Collection)
  CBC Digital Archives Archives of Ontario
  CSIS (artifacts)
  Eccles Centre for American Studies (British Library)
  Federal Bureau of Investigation Freedom of Information Act Records
  From Colony to Country: A Reader's Guide to Canadian Military History
  US National Archives
  William Lyon Mackenzie King's diaries,
  Library and Archives Canada

 Academic Sites and Online History
  American Historical Association
  Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
  Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies (CCISS)
  Canadian Encyclopedia
  Canadian Historical Association
  Canadian Military Journal
  CIA Studies in Intelligence
  Gregg Centre for the Study of War
  Historica Dominion Institute
  Industry Canada – Cryptography

  Canadian War Museum/Museum of Civilization
  Diefenbunker Museum
  Franklin Roosevelt Library and Museum
  International Spy Museum
  National Army Museum
  National Battlefields – Battle of the Plains of Abraham
  National Museum of American History
  Royal Canadian Military Institute
  US Signal Corps 150th Anniversary Site
  Smithsonian Institution

 Canadian Government Intelligence Users
  Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre
  Canadian Security Intelligence Service
  Communications Security Establishment
  Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
  Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
  Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  Privy Council Office >
  Public Safety Canada
  Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
  Canadian Border Services Agency
  CBSA National Risk Assessment Centre
  Citizenship & Immigration Canada

 Selected Foreign Intelligence Agencies
  Central Intelligence Agency
  Federal Bureau of Investigation
  Government Communications Headquarters
  National Security Agency Press Room
  Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
  The Security Service (MI5)

 Military Intelligence
  Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch Association
  National Defence and Canadian Forces
  North American Aerospace Defense Command – NORAD

 Oversight Agencies
  Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee
  Inspector General of CSIS
  Office of Communications Security Establishment (CSE Commissioner)
  Security Intelligence Review Committee
  Senate of Canada- Standing Committee on National Security and Defence
  House of Commons – Committee on Public Safety and National Security

Historical Sites and Associations and 1812 Commemoration Sites

 Selected 1812 Commemoration Sites
  Amherstberg Bicentennial
  Canadian War of 1812 website
  Niagara 1812 Legacy Council site
  Niagara-on-the-Lake official Bicentennial site
  Ontario events
  Battle of Chrysler’s Farm

 American Sites
  Overview of War of 1812 US sites
  Official War of 1812 site – (USA)
  US Army Campaigns in the 1812 War

 Museums, Battle Sites, and Historical Societies
  Battle of Chateauguay
  Battle of Chrysler’s Farm
  Battle of Plattsburgh
  Fort Atkinson
  Fort Henry
  Fort York
  Friends of Fort George
  Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum
  Laura Secord official homestead
  Lundy’s Lane Museum
  Niagara Falls Museum
  Niagara Historical Society Museum
  Old Fort Niagara
  Ontario Historical Society
  Parks Canada
  Sackets Harbour Battlefield Alliance
  War of 1812 Village of Bath Living History Centre