The War of 1812 Game: Choose Your Battles

The year 2012 is the bicentennial of the War of 1812─a war that many Canadians regard as a turning point of Canada's development. This war helped define most of the boundaries between present-day Canada and the United States

“Choose Your Battles” provides you with the opportunity to understand the War of 1812 from the perspective of leadership. You will experience similar pressures to make decisions with or without intelligence that commanders faced during the war. Decisions must be made quickly and thoughtfully because there is no other choice.

In this game, you choose your own path. As the ultimate decision-maker in one of five battles, you must balance your interests with those of others. Do you trust a source? Do you have time to wait for more information? Is it possible to outwit the opposing force? Commanders often prefer to have more information to lead and make decisions. However, circumstances will require you to make decisions without all the information that guarantees a win on the battlefield.

Intelligence, when timely and correct, can be crucial to success, but is never the only factor. In some battles, new information will be crucial. In others, you must act before key intelligence becomes evident. Intelligence is never the only factor for leaders.

During the War of 1812, communications technology had not evolved as it has today. Commanders on or near the battleground made decisions, often alone or after consulting with their lieutenants. They acted based on the information where they stood in the battlefield.

And now you will, too. Good luck!

Weather the War Game

As commander of U-537, you have been assigned a dangerous and important mission by the German “Kriegsmarine” (navy). In order to tip the balance in the Battle of the Atlantic, you will travel to the east and west coasts of Canada to secretly establish and maintain several automated weather stations. It is important to avoid detection by new Allied warships that are eager to destroy any and all U-boats in Canadian waters. The more weather stations you maintain without detection or resupply, the greater the success for the Fatherland. Good luck Kapitäne.

Weather The War
Weather the War is an arcade style computer game developed by Carleton University students Andrew Wallace, Jacob Agar, and Rufino Ansara.

Inspired by the opportunity to develop a game related to Canada’s espionage history, the game shows the initiative and imagination of the students of Carleton University. The team researched and developed the game, utilizing the stories of the Nazi weather stations left off Canada’s coast during wartime to ignite their imaginations. As the game is arcade style, you cannot win it, but your objective is to get as many points as you can, by planting and maintaining your weather stations. Enjoy the game!