Spies in the Shadows is the sister project associated with the documentary series of the same name. Both inform and educate viewers about the rich history of espionage in Canada's past. This site and its contents have been created and developed with the help of following individuals whose passion for delivering accurate historical productions can be seen throughout this site. Below is the list of individuals and their respective responsibilities for this project.

Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp was the Series Producer at CBC-TV’s flagship information series, the fifth estate, for nine years. He then consulted for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), re-making Japanese documentaries to compete in English-language commercial markets. Robert has written several books. One of his non-fiction books, released in the UK as The Becoming and in North America as Let There Be Life, describes life’s cosmic and organic origins. Spirit in Health traces ancient spiritual healing techniques as they moved into modern medicine. Design and Science follows the career of designer Will Burtin, who pioneered scientific visualization and product branding. In fiction, Robert Fripp has written the memoirs of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Power of a Woman, and ghostwritten a novel about the investment business. Find Robert Fripp at www.robertfripp.ca/ and LinkedIn (Toronto area).
Will Fripp

Will Fripp is the historical advisor and principal researcher for Spies in the Shadows, which continues to develop as a Canadian documentary television series. Intelligence has played a major role in Canada's history, as Will discovered during the 1990s, when he took his MA in Intelligence and International Relations at the University of Salford, England. He continues to research the impact of international intelligence on business, security, and statecraft. Will was previously Commission Secretary of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario, and an interim Executive Director of the Canadian Club of Toronto.

A strategic consultant, Will Fripp advises clients on communications matters and provides issues analysis important to their businesses.
Wendy Donnan

Wendy Donnan has been an executive and television producer in the television and film business for over 20 years. At TVOntario (TVO), she worked as an educational producer and instructional designer for the Distance Learning Division, and was the primary programmer for the award-winning Home Studies Division. In both divisions at TVO, Donnan created educational video and print material in French and English for schools, and initiated many distance education projects. Her strong management, budgeting, and Web management skills lead her to oversee the launch and creation of two Web sites: www.pridevisiontv.com and www.outtv.ca. See Wendy’s profile at: linked in

*If you have any questions or comments on this web project or have addtional information you wish to share with the project administrator please send an email to Wendy Donnan
Susan Skivington

Susan Skivington is an independent writer, editor, and public relations specialist who works for educational publishers, municipal and regional governments, non-profits, and corporations. She has managed educational and public relations projects for Nelson Education, McGraw-Hill, Toronto District School Board (TDSB), Region of Peel, City of Mississauga, and CBC News in Review to name a few. Skivington has also held vice-chair positions for both the Oakville Public Library and the Oakville Arts Council, and currently co-chairs the Oakville HIV/AIDS Advocacy Committee for The Stephen Lewis Foundation. At the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC), Toronto Branch, she organized monthly professional development events. For Spies in the Shadows, Skivington is one of the education and curriculum advisors as well as the development writer and editor for the teaching and student materials.
Bill Sullivan

Pakobrats is a new media development company owned and operated by Bill Sullivan. Over the years Pakobrats has developed many online historical and educational products. With a flair for visual design, a creative music ability, and a touch of humour Pakobrats have time and again developed award winning, crowd pleasing productions.

With over 15 years in multimedia creation Bill has worked with some of the counties most respected artists, companies, and government organisations. Developing custom applications ranging from archival systems for the film industry and national research council, to online educational applications for museums and historical societies, to marketing materials for business to business applications.

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We express our gratitude towards our contributors and towards Canadian Heritage for its partnership:

*The producers would also like to thank all others who took the time to comment and work on the project